The power of Catany World

Due to the speed and stress of our contemporary life our body are no longer able to repair itself properly. Catany World capsules boost your body and boost your immune system. The mix of CBDa, natural vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids are of great importance for the self-healing capability of the body.

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100% natural cannabidiol

Catany World products are quality products from the mature leaves and buds of the legally grown industrial hemp plant and contain natural Cannabidiol acid (CBDa). Other CBD products on the market have been processed so that it no longer contains any acid. Essential substances are destroyed by this processing. In addition, these products generally contain only 0-3% CBD.

Catany CBDa Capsules

Powerful Catany booster capsules!
If you need a powerful CBDa product, the capsule is the right choice.
The capsule consists of all-natural ingredients that can easily be taken with a drink of water or fruit juice.

When taking a Catany World capsule once a day, a pack of 30 capsules is sufficient for the month. With chronic or more serious complaints / disorders you can boost this dosage with an extra combination of a capsule twice a day plus a tincture once a day.

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Catany CBDa Tincture

Useful Catany tincture!
Catany tincture is not CBD oil but pure cannabis (0.02% THC), supplemented with glycerine and a touch of rosemary, so that your body can absorb it immediately.
The tincture makes the tincture easy to use. Directly in the mouth, on a spoon, by eating or drinking.

Also, many of our customers use the drops as a supplement to their pet’s food.

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Why choose Catany CBDa products?

No pesticides

All our products are free of pesticides, natural and suitable for vegans

100% natural

Our products are completely natural and unprocessed. We don’t use oil so it
can be directly absorbed by your body. It increases resistance and helps the body repair itself.

EU approved

Our products are EU approved, non psychoactive and is grown, harvested and produced in the Netherlands


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