The power of Catany World

Due to the stress of our modern way of living our bodies are no longer able to optimally regenerate itself. Catany World capsules gives your body a much needed boost and stimulates your immune system. The combination of CBDa, natural vitamins, minerals and omega acids are important for the regenerative ability of the body.

Catanyworld CBDa – natural Cannabidiol

Catany World offers high quality products containing natural Cannabidiol acid extracted from the leaves and buds of the legally grown industrial hemp plant. Catany World distinguishes itself from a lot of CBD products that are processed in such a way that they contain no CBD acid. These badly processed products lose essential substances that are necessary for a positive result. In addition these inferior products normally contain only 0-3% CBD.

  • Catany World guarantees 5% CBDa in every capsule
  • Catany products are 100% natural and are an important supplement for a healthy lifestyle
  • Cannabidiol is a strong anti oxidant that helps the body to detox and to regain its natural healthy balance
  • All our products are free of pesticides, natural and suitable for vegans
  • Our EU approved non psychoactive hemp product is grown, harvested and produced in the Netherlands