Catany CBDa Capsules


Catany World gives an extra boost to your daily diet. It is suitable in conjuction with a vegan or raw food diet.

Read below for more details about the composition and product features.



Product features

  • 100% natural industrial hemp
  • Guaranteed 5% CBDa in every capsule
  • Rich in omega 3 & 6, vitamin B12, vitamin E, iron, calcium, potassium and zinc
  • Pure vegan and raw.
  • Non-allergenic and suitable for every diet.
  • Within the framework of the EU legislation.

Lucerne ( Medicago Sativa), Capsule ( Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose E464), gelling agent ( Gellan gum E418), rice concentrate, vitamin B12 and Sana Hemp juice powder ® (5mg CBDa).

Packaging content:
Catany World capsules are available in a blister strip containing 30 capsules

Catany World Capsules

Catany World capsules are made from the leaves of the adult industrial hemp plant. These biologically grown hemp plants are grown in the Netherlands. Using state of the art techniques the hemp juice is extracted through the process of slow juicing. The next stage is to quickly freeze the juice so that the minerals and vitamins of the plant are optimally preserved. The final stage is to extract the water using freeze – drying technique. In this way we are left with a concentrated and high quality hemp powder. Due to these processes the nutritional value is maintained.

Always the maximum amount of CBDa

More and more we begin to understand that processed CBD extracts are less effective than CBDa products in which the whole plant has been used. Catany World guarantees that all the properties of the pure hemp plant are preserved in our products. The bulk of the available CBD products on the market are incorrectly processed which results in the loss of essential substances and reduced CBD content ( 0-3%). Catany World capsules are processed in such a way that the finished product always contains 5% CBDa which insures that your daily intake is consistent.